Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Autumn flowers

At Oasis again today (unfortunately by car again, this time because I'm trying to squeeze too much in to my day - not because our vicar's recent history of cycling accidents is putting me off). Finally got round to putting some heather and cyclamens into the newly bare spaces in the garden - my toddler enthusiastically directing operations and desperate to water them afterwards (with the cafetiere that was the only 'watering can' I could find).
We clearly have quite a long way to go in moving to greener cleaning products: the kitchen smelt of bleach even though the Ecover spray is apparently being used by some people, and I've realised we have a vast stock of 'conventional' washing up liquid to get through before we can transfer to something greener. Since the items in use in the kitchen are visible not only to the congregation but also to the school mums who drop in to the new morning cafe this is a disappointing lack of green witness. On the positive side the tea and coffee at the cafe is fairly traded and someone has taken the opportunity of putting out leaflets from the True Food Co-op there.

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