Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gardening and graffiti

Early frost gave way to a gorgeous autumn morning and I was kicking myself for not mending my bike as the car crawled towards church. However, the car turned out to be very useful on this occasion: Oasis (the women's study group) were gardening at the front of church and the volume of prunings filled both my car boot and Rosemary's (now most of my share are in my green bin). It is only a very small garden and has to be pretty vandal proof but was alive with bees today, perhaps in part because we were disturbing the wonderfully scented lemon balm and lavender but also because flowers were becoming more visible as we pruned. I took my two-and-a-half-year-old with me (proudly wearing his own gardening gloves) and he was happy to help with the initial litter pick. When I moved on to the grimmer task of graffiti removal he helped his godmother shifting prunings. On the subject of graffiti - the church office had a variety of graffiti removing potions. They mostly use some noxious smelling wipes which took quite a while to rub off the metallic scrawls but did eventually do the job. They also had a much less offensive liquid (claiming green credentials) to wipe on, leave for 30 minutes and then scrape off. This was certainly much less time consuming and avoided inhaling the poisons of the other option. Unfortunately the bricks looked a bit scraped and there was still a fine silvery line left behind. So I'm still looking for a green graffiti remover that works.
22nd October

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