Thursday, June 6, 2013

Enough Food for Everyone IF

Ahead of the IF event this coming Saturday, I used some of the IF schools materials with Exclaimers a couple of weeks ago. These include a slide show which starts with a question - Is there enough food for everyone in the world? Most of the kids assumed not. I was so struck by the response of one of them when I explained that actually there was: Gasp, 'But that's so NAUGHTY! Why don't the government do something about it?'

Walk the Country

Sorry this is rather a late post! We concluded Christian Aid Week in thoroughly green fashion this year by joining their Walk the Country sponsored walk from Bix.

At least 20 of the congregation were there for a beautiful walk through bluebell woods and fields in perfect walking weather. My eldest was determined to get round in time to enjoy the Good Little Company's barbecue - very delicious sausages and donations go to Christian Aid for every pack bought.