Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Reaching Bronze

Here's how our survey result looks right now. I'd like to say we've been working really hard since the initial survey to move so far forward, but in truth I completely misread it the first time round - what I thought was grey 'not quite there yet' is really silver, so (having no more land than a driveway and a walled bed) here we are at bronze and it's time to send off the application form. The announcement was made at our harvest service.

Meanwhile 26 letters have so far been despatched to MPs as part of the Week of Action on Climate Change, we're trialing the use of far more Traidcraft products in church (needing to work out how to make up the extra costs incurred), and we've been thinking lots about Creation in the last two Godly Play sessions (Creation Stories followed by Fall Stories) - as usual I forgot to take any photos of the wonderful art work which included some great models of the Garden of Eden (helped by all the foliage I'd brought in).