Sunday, November 6, 2016


We've enjoyed two really excellent sermons for the end of Creation Season. Last week's was part of the series on understanding what is happening in the different elements of a communion service and was focused on the Eucharistic prayer itself. It included some beautiful lyrical moments and environmental theology. The week before's was responding to the reading on Jesus's words to the Rich Young Man and it was one of those sermons where I find myself sitting on my hands to avoid applauding at the end. Richard didn't actually use the phrase Joy in Enough but the concept ran through the sermon and he included some suggestions on embodying simplicity from a book by Richard Foster. He had also typed these up for people to take home at the end. They were:
1. Buy things for their usefulness rather than their status or prestige.
2. Learn the difference between a real need and an addiction. Then find support and accountability to regain "sobriety", freedom from addiction.
3. Develop a habit of giving things away.
4. Avoid unnecessary and short-lived technological gadgets that promise to "save time".
5. Enjoy things without owning them. Fore example, take advantage of public libraries and parks.
6. Nurture awe and appreciation for nature. Spend more time outdoors!
7. Get out - and stay out - of debt.
8. Use plain, honest speech. Say what you mean and keep your commitments.
9. Reject anything that oppresses others. For example, buy Fair Trade products.
Seek God's kingdom of love and justice foremost. If anything distracts you from that purpose, let it go.