Monday, April 10, 2017

Upcoming Creation Care Event

Palm Sunday

Yesterday morning's Godly Play story was the journey from the Transfiguration to Jerusalem, concluding with the triumphal entry. Apparently our Palm Sunday banners looked like 'pagan May poles!' but I think everyone enjoyed making them. Not a very eco topic here - just greenery inside church.

Captain Fantastic

I finally made it to the last instalment of this year's Lent film festival - Captain Fantastic - about a family brought up in and idealistic wilderness, coping with the outside world. Much more light hearted than probably most of the films over the years, but still food for a lot of discussion afterwards - so many dilemmas in parenting. As Harper lectured Ben about whether it was appropriate to talk to the children about their mother's depression and suicide the scene cut suddenly to a violent video game and it felt a bit like being punched in the stomach. Online lists of film quotes include the lines "What's cola?" "Poison water", but not the follow up which I wish I could remember properly, to the effect that they were leaving the roadside cafe because it didn't sell actual food.

Big Shift Campaign

On April 1st about 20 members of Reading churches (many from St John's) gathered in town to hand in requests to the big banks to divest from fossil fuels. (I was organising a birthday party so didn't make it, but this is the photo Rosemary put up on facebook). Next day in church we were all encouraged to sign letters to the banks on the same theme.