Monday, May 5, 2014

Preparing for Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 2014 logoThis Sunday we had a guest preacher  - cover star of May's Xn Magazine and Christian Aid's regional co-ordinator for Berkshire - Jess Hall. She sent some great resources which Liz and Judy used in the children's work last week about the story of nine-year-old Edile in Colombia. This week they were able to learn more about him in the very moving film Jess showed during the service.

For the readings and sermon I was meant to be leading Godly Play out in the hall but we found we were locked out and had to improvise - the only space was the newly rebuilt inner courtyard, a gorgeous suntrap with curved steps like a theatre and soft standing to kneel on while doing crafts so we were very glad to have been forced to move and appreciate the outdoors.

After communion together Stefan was able to show Jess the model of Edile's house that Climbers had made last week. Earlier in the service several of the Exclaimers read out prayers they had written. This was Ffion's:
Dear God, Thank you for giving us clean houses and appropriate things to eat and drink. Thank you for giving us games and activities to play and work with. Thank you for everything! Please can the people in Colombia have all the things I have.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Earthing Faith at St Nicholas, Earley

Last Thursday I attended an Earthing Faith gathering at St Nicholas Church, Earley, to give a five minute report on our experiences as an Ecocongregation and the resulting connections we made (RCEL, GREN etc). Drawing together highlights, skimming the blog and some APCM reports was a much more positive experience than I'd expected, remembering just what had been done so far. We've very much put green issues on the back burner lately, and yet there are many positives that have remained - still far too many bikes for the bike racks, still most commonly vegetarian shared meals, continuing to mark Creation Time and so on. It was great to be at green church event in Reading again, catching up with old friends but also finding lots of new faces, churches newly getting involved. I was very interested to learn about Oakwood Forest Church which sounds a wonderful way of doing church in Reading. (This image is from the cloisters at Mont Saint-Michel).