Friday, November 14, 2008

God's Green Word

The switchover to greener cleaning is progressing. I found SquirtEco is 1/3 off in Sainsbury's at present so bought six bottles but have just learnt that we can order from Natural Collection via Christian Aid's website and then Christian Aid get 10% of the cost. So once we've got our system sorted out this will definitely be the way forward.

Our home group began following Eco-congregation's Exploring God's Green Word study series last night. I admit I wasn't immediately sure that it was going to develop into a particularly constructive discussion, partly since the Creation stories do seem very familiar stories and partly because our group has already done a lot of thinking about Creation issues. However, it did prove very fruitful so we'll certainly be continuing with it.

I have been persuaded to rethink on plastic recycling, but am hoping to find someone who actually shops at Sainsbury's who would be prepared to deliver the plastic once I've sorted it.

I've been distracted while typing by a handful of little birds just outside the window, including one of my favourites - a long tailed tit - hence today's picture.

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