Sunday, November 16, 2008

World Toilet Day

After the success of last year's Clutter Sale we thought we'd ask the Exclaimers to organise another. They suggested raising money for Water Aid. It's not a charity I'm very familiar with so I looked it up on the web and discovered that aptly the Wednesday after we'd scheduled the sale is their World Toilet Day. It sounds a funny concept, but that's because we're not among the 40% of the world's population without the basic human right of adequate sanitation, a lack that leads to 2.4 million child deaths every year.

We chose this Sunday because the Scout's Nearly New Sale is next Saturday and they're going to try to sell what we did not. Unfortunately we didn't realise we would clash with stewardship Sunday, which may have contributed to the lower income than last year. Nonetheless many people were generous and we raised £103.

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