Monday, September 15, 2014

New Start in Creation Time

The new school term has begun and with it a time for other new starts. Nine members of the congregation met up during the after service coffee yesterday and agreed that the time has come to return to Module 1 of the Ecocongregation toolkit, to give our church an environmental check-up and establish a new action plan. Striking while the iron is hot, we will be reconvening at my house this Wednesday to start the project.

The children's church this month will be following themes appropriate to Creation Time and we started today with the story of St Francis. I put together a Godly Play style retelling of his life using some of Giotto's images from the basilica at Assisi. The children's creative responses ranged from a pipe-cleaner Francis with stigmata to ragged dressing up clothing and a picture of a ship bearing Francis's father's silks. There were also a silver sister moon and a picture of Francis preaching to the birds.

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