Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ecotricity and cleaning

Jeremy just forwarded this link affirming that Ecotricity is the right electricity company for us to be with, which is good news.

I've realised, as more un-green household stuff accumulates in our parish centre, that I've been delaying too long on sorting out cleaning materials etc - Reading has a fabulous True Food Co-op that sells green cleaning materials at reasonable prices, and I've been trying to work out a system that involves them so that we're as green and as cheap as possible, but not reliant on me being the go between since I've given up the car and it wouldn't be sustainable when I leave the church (a system that depends on anyone in this way would not be sustainable). I've finally realised this just isn't going to happen at the moment, so it looks like we're going to use the Christian Aid/Natural Collection scheme I mentioned a few months back. 10% of the money goes to Christian Aid so I'll feel a bit less bad about the church paying extra for cleaning stuff. Plus since it can all be ordered on-line that makes our parish administrator's job much easier than keep liaising with me.

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