Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daffodils, Leeks and other veg

Our St David's Day service was led by the vicar, Vincent, who is Welsh. As well as various songs/prayers from the "Celtic" tradition, it included building a small mound of earth in the middle of the church as a reminder of a miracle which reputedly occurred once when St David was preaching. When those at the back complained that he could not be heard, the earth rose up so that he was stood on a mound, echoing Christ's own sermon on the mount. I'm afraid my two-year-old thought it a great mound to run through and plant leeks in. He also apparently got his patron saints mixed up - he shredded the dragon he was supposed to colour in.

Today's notices included a reminder of the call to donate unwanted bras for recycling/reusing in Africa - we have a 'bra bank' in the foyer.

Over coffee after the service a few of us gathered together to share veg growing tips. We had hoped to encourage some would-be veg growers but in fact we have all had some experience. Nonetheless it was a great opportunity for sharing knowledge and we were last in the queue for lunch. For me the most valuable information was the existence of the East Reading Horticultural Society and their Trading Shed. Tips shared included growing carrots in stoney ground by putting them in toilet roll inners full of compost; growing lettuce in knee high pots near the kitchen door with curving over lips which the slugs can't get over - cutting salad regularly seems to be easier than trying to grow successive rows; helping runner bean flowers to set by spraying them with water; mini cucumbers are apparently easier to grow than the longer versions; and appropriately there were various suggestions for improving on my very poor leek crop last year.

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