Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green cones

This morning Ali gave a notice regarding Reading Borough Council's special offer on green cones. For those wanting to follow this up, the link is here. A green cone is a device that breaks down all food waste (including cooked food and meat) nutritiously in the garden without attracting rats.

Much supposedly biodegradable waste in landfill sites cannot biodegrade because the sheer volume of waste restricts the flow of oxygen and consequently as the waste breaks down methane is created - a much more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Keeping waste at home also reduces the carbon emissions from transporting it. The waste in the cone simply leaches into the soil. At the time of writing the council is offering 1,500 cones at a mere £14 instead of the usual £70.

In his Scramblers group this morning my four-year-old coloured in a Noah's Ark to which he added a chimney and a pipe for recycling water. (Yesterday he had been very excited to help his dad fit a pump to transfer bathwater to a waterbutt).

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