Saturday, March 22, 2008

About this blog

I started this blog in November 2007 as a resource and a record of our church's journey towards becoming an eco-congregation. I hope the church members will find it useful, but I hope it is also useful to others with a concern for our environment. Please use any of the liturgy, green tips or ideas on it as you like. It would be lovely to hear back if you do. It would also be great to hear ideas and experiences from other churches.

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  1. Dear Joanna,

    It's a great blog, I've been guilty of putting broken glasses in the recycling before without realising the problems associated with doing so up to now!

    Anyway, you've been kind enough to mention our company in your first blog, but the web address was our old one. We are Anglia Giving, a not-for-profit company which sells Charity Vouchers for people who want to give someone a gift but don't want to buy another 'Pottery Pig' which will, sooner or later end up in landfill. We were at If there's anyway of including our new site at in your blog we'd obviously be really grateful.

    Many many thanks
    David Black, Director