Saturday, June 8, 2019

Environment Sunday update

Last Sunday was Environment Sunday and the theme of our Worship Together was 'feast'. Afterwards we had a vegan lunch (chickpea, apricot and cashew nut tagine from a Schumacher College recipe book) and the donations people gave will all be going to The World Land Trust as part of Green Christian's campaign to find 100 churches to spend £100 each on protecting rainforest (we're hoping it'll be a bit more than £100).
Since my last blog quite a few of the church enjoyed the Christian Aid walk the country sponsored event, as usual. Plus our new youth group, Elements, had a speaker who had attended Friends of the Earth's Community Campaigning course and he shared his school's campaign to reduce plastics. Also, Bridget has wonderfully volunteered to ensure a compost bin in the kitchen is emptied in the middle of each week, so now we can make sure all the coffee grounds etc aren't going in the bin.

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