Saturday, May 4, 2013

Food and clothes

Our Enough Food for Everyone IF banner has been up for several weeks now, with regular reminders in the notices of the forthcoming gathering in London on June 8th.
Two weeks ago at Exclaimers we were looking at the story of Dorcas and her gifts of clothing for widows and the poor. We used the Godly Play script which worked really well, but before they started on their crafts (mostly cross stitch) we talked a bit about how the clothes we choose to buy can also be a reflection of our faith, looking at fair trade clothing etc. (This was three days before the Rana Plaza building collapsed so we'll talk some more about it this Sunday I think).
It looks like there'll be a good group of us doing the sponsored walk for Christian Aid in a few weeks time, hoping the weather is still this beautiful! And in other good news - the Exclaimers' model farm made out of packaging from fairtrade products has won a hamper of fairtrade goodies which will apparently arrive in the next couple of weeks.

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