Sunday, November 18, 2007

David and Goliath and the McLibel 2

Great Exclaimers session this morning - I'd been slightly dreading it as we'd planned to put all the children from 4 to 11 in together but it was one of those days that just worked really well. After Mark had played the part of David and recounted his story in a dramatic monologue, I talked briefly about God's propensity to choose the weakest to do God's work and all the younger brothers were particularly pleased about this. Then the younger children made sheep and did colouring etc while I talked with the older ones about modern day Davids. They were so animated and fascinated it just felt great - we began with Rosa Parkes, Martin Luther King and Gandhi, and then moved on to my friend Jim who worked for Greenpeace (considering the pros and cons of GM) and finally the McLibel 2 'How come McDonalds weren't closed down after the judge said all that?' Ashley asked indignantly!

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